Dollarizing the world with a super-app

Save and send money from anywhere in the world.


Who we are

We are a group of innovation enthusiasts who believe that the future is in digital money. Dollarize is the sum of our experience in the finance and technology fields. Merging these two worlds resulted in a service for anyone, from almost anywhere in the world, to access the financial system without any geographical or economic barrier.


Unequal and unfair money distribution

We realized that the traditional financial system did not meet this premise and that it did not respond to the obvious digital evolution.


Democratize money

We aim to break the paradigm. We took the dollar as a starting point and the rest is history.


Democratize money through a global financial super-app that grants access to financial services to anyone regardless of their place of origin and income.


To be the world's financial super-app that changes the way people save.


  • Financial inclusion.
  • Democratize money.
  • Breaking geographical barriers.
  • Broaden the horizons of the fintech ecosystem.
  • Design flexible and regulated alternatives in the financial sector.